The Early Heaven Oracle


Ken Taylor

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192 pages paperback
B&W illustrations
217 x 135mm
November 2002
Rider Books

Traditionally held to have been devised more than 5,000 years ago, the Early Heaven teachings are as fresh and meaningful today as they were in antiquity.

This is a self-contained system of divination inspired by Early Heaven lore. The book also tells the traditional story of the divorce between Early Heaven and Later Heaven, and offers a brief introduction to the Early Heaven system founded, according to legend, by Fu Xi.

Although The Early Heaven Oracle challenges the often-assumed superiority of the Later Heaven system, this Oracle was originally intended to be an appendix to a book that fully explored the philosophy of Early Heaven and its Feng Shui applications. The publisher asked for my project to be split into three books, and they published the Oracle first. Regretably, when the Feng Shui popularity bubble burst, the two other books were dropped from the publication schedule.

The text, illustrated with line drawings, introduces Western readers to this ancient yet eternally relevant oriental teaching, and describes how a carefully reasoned extrapolation enables it to be used as a practical and versatile oracle. The Oracle provides a means of arriving at one of 32 basic answers or meanings, plus an automatic possibility of a further exploration of your question. Although this Oracle looks similar to the Yi Jing the resemblance is purely superficial: the Yi Jing is a creation of the Later Heaven system, which completely overturned the natural simplicity of its forebear. This Oracle provides a valuable and effective alternative for people who have tried Later Heaven divination yet been disappointed with the results.

The Early Heaven Oracle offers profound insights into destiny and fortune, and helps us all to explore the mysteries of fate and the secret of living life to the full.

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"Deeply impressive,
for both the scholarship and the author's obvious wisdom
and deep understanding of the spiritual."

Bob Mann

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Chapters include...

Introduction - A brief overview of what the Oracle can offer, and how the book is organised.

The Yin of History - The story of how the Early Heaven system was discovered and developed, and how the Later Heaven system came to be dominant. Discursive exploration of yin and yang, showing how this simple binary formula can unlock the complexities of modern life.

The Yang of Preparation - A detailed assessment of the Oracle including how it can become your personal counsellor, and how it can help you explore your subconscious and develop true clairvoyance. Information on the theoretical mechanisms governing divination (including C G Jung's milestone investigation into synchronicity) is also provided.

The Tao of Divining - Details of the best techniques for preparing your surroundings and yourself for the act of consulting the Oracle. Includes complete instructions on how to use this sophisticated yet straightforward system of divination.

Interpretations - Comprehensive divinatory meanings.

The Power of the Oracle - Topics covered here include problem solving, guided visualisation, tapping into your subconscious, magic, and Feng Shui. By gaining an advanced understanding of the way the Oracle works, you can discover how it can be used to bring the course of destiny closer to the heart's desire.

* Ideas on the Taiji Tu as a lunar map, on the Ba Gua as a lunar calendar, on the origins of the Luo Shu and He Tu, and on pattern recognition are here *

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