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Flint blade

Flint blade
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The long, roughly parallel ridges on one side show that this flint blade was knapped from a prepared flint core. It's small to medium sized, at 25mm in length.

It probably dates to the Neolithic (New Stone Age, approximately 4,000 BCE to 2,200 BCE). The Neolithic period is the time when people routinely settled in one place to live, becoming farmers, with the land passing through the hands of successive generations.

Having been found on land owned by Bristol City Council, this was handed in to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Material: stone

Period: Stone Age

Find spot: Nightingale Valley, Brislington, Bristol (beside footpath connecting Wick Road and the Packhorse Bridge). ST 62087193

Exhibit contributed by Ken Taylor

Text written by Ken Taylor, in 2010

Photographer: Ken Taylor

Acquisition number: 100729a1

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