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This exhibit is another that demonstrates archaeology is not just about digging holes in the ground - there are plenty of other ways to uncover a story. Newspaper pages from The People dated Sunday 5th February 1956 were used to lag cold water pipes in a house that had been built just a few years before.

They were discovered when the property was bought and renovated some forty years later. Peeling back the layers of tape and paper was painstakingly done as the paper was fragile, but the process was rewarded with an article that put the whole thing in context. The weather had turned bitterly cold and tens of thousands of houses were without water as their pipes had frozen. The homeowner had not only taken note but had also taken practical steps that had stood the test of time!

Period: Modern

Find spot: Hampstead Road, Brislington, Bristol. ST 612710

Exhibit contributed by Ken Taylor

Text written by Ken Taylor, in 2010

Photographer: Ken Taylor

Acquisition number: 100808a2

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