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Broomwell House Gate Lodge 1829

Broomwell House Gate Lodge 1829
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This steel engraving shows the Gate Lodge of Broomwell House, which used to stand to the west of the junction of Sunnydean and Wick Road. At that time, Broomwell House was inhabited by George Weare Braikenridge, a keen collector of historical curiosities. He also famously commissioned a variety of artists to depict sites of local interest, many of which were in Brislington. The Braikenridge Collection (which is largely in public hands) gives this community a possibly unrivalled collection of documentary images from its time as a village in the early 19th century.

This illustration (not commissioned by Braikenridge) was published in a book featuring numerous engravings of sites in Bristol and Bath - no others are in Brislington. The picture measures 150mm x 96mm. The artist was facing roughly north. The book was printed with black ink only, the colour was added some time later by an unknown hand.

The frontispiece of the book by John Britton reads: "Bath and Bristol, with the counties of Somerset and Gloucester, displayed in a Series of Views; Including the Modern Improvements, Picturesque Scenerey, Antiquities, Etc". It was published by Jones and Company, Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square (London), in 1829.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery has a photograph of the Lodge (K4426.01).

Period: Modern

Find spot: The Lodge was situated at approximately ST 61847168.

Exhibit contributed by Ken Taylor

Text written by Ken Taylor

Photographer: From an original drawing by Thos H Shepherd (digital image by Ken Taylor)

Acquisition number: 171227a5

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