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Arno's Court c.1913

Arno's Court c.1913
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This photograph was taken inside what is now Arnos Court Park but was (according to the 1911 Census) the "Reformatory School for Girls, Arno's Court". Twenty women and girls are arranged in small groups in an open field, and the background consists of the buildings that comprised the reformatory and convent of the Order of the Good Shepherd.

Follow the links for information about this publisher - Marshall, Keene & Co (including a list of their local postcards); or for other exhibits about Arnos Court.

Permission to exhibit this postcard kindly granted on behalf of Brislington Conservation & History Society, by Jonathan Rowe, chair.

Bibliography - this postcard has been published in:

Chard, Judith et al 1995, page 30.

Taylor, Ken 2007, page 14.

Period: Modern

Exhibit contributed by Jonathan Rowe on behalf of Brislington Conservation & History Society

Text written by Ken Taylor, 2022

Photographer: Marshall, Keene & Co. Derivative image (scan) by Ken Taylor, 2022

Acquisition number: 220102a1

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