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1946 map - 6th Ed OS, 1"

1946 map - 6th Ed OS, 1
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This Ordnance Survey map shows Brislington as it was some time before 1946. Ordnance survey maps can be a bit confusing because they didn't update everything all at once (this is based on a full revision in 1930, with subsequent additions).

This is from map 156 "Bristol & Stroud" in the New Popular Edition (often referred to as the 6th Edition) of Ordnance Survey maps, at the scale of one inch to the mile (1:63360).

For higher resolution local maps of a variety of dates, visit Know Your Place. This resource is interactive and anyone can contribute photos and information.

A variety of other high resolution local maps are availabe from the National Library of Scotland. Other sources are available.

Period: Modern

Exhibit contributed by Ordnance Survey

Text written by Ken Taylor (2022)

Acquisition number: 220309a2

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