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Arno's Court c.1913

Arno's Court c.1913
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The photograph was taken inside the chapel of what was (according to the 1911 Census) the "Reformatory School for Girls, Arno's Court", and is now part of the Arnos Manor Hotel. The chapel was partially demolished to allow an expansion of the A4 Bath Road. One wall remains standing to provide enclosure on all sides of the cloister. Given that the altar is at the eastern end of the chapel, the wall on the right-hand side of the picture is the one visible from the road. The ornate column shown in the photograph as supporting the arch that separates the nave from the chancel, is still in place although now it's an exterior feature.

The postcard can be viewed at Bristol Archives (reference 43207/29/19/1).

Follow the links for information about this publisher - Marshall, Keene & Co (including a list of their local postcards); or for other exhibits about Arnos Court.

Period: Modern

Text written by Ken Taylor (2022)

Acquisition number: 220419a1

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