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The Square

The Square
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Postcard photographed and published by Jesse Caleb Young. The front carries the title "BRISLINGTON." and his initials "j.c.y.".

This image of the area known locally as The Square, which is unrecognisable now as this part of the A4 Bath Road has changed completely. The road junction on the left-hand side is Church Hill.

The picture captures the number 206 (208?) tram at its terminus, the inbound and outbound tracks set into the main road can be seen to converge at this point, and they don't continue any further toward Bath. Several pairs of traction poles can be seen, supporting the overhead network of wires from which the trams derived the energy to turn their electric motors.

The largest of the buildings in the row beside the tram has a sign (partially obscured by some creeping plants) that identifies it at Brislington Post Office, which is associated with the West dynasty of postcard publishers.

On the extreme left-hand side of the postcard, bearing the shadow of the man in the bowler hat, is the wall of the bridge over Brislington Brook.

Visit our notes for more information about this photographer and postcard publisher, and his work in Brislington.

Period: Modern

Exhibit contributed by Andrew Palmer

Text written by Ken Taylor (2022)

Photographer: Jesse Caleb Young (derived image by Andrew Palmer)

Acquisition number: 220827a5

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