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Conham Ferry

Conham Ferry
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Postcard photographed and published by Jesse Caleb Young. The front carries the title "FROM THE TEA GARDENS, CONHAM." and his initials "j.c.y.". Earliest known picture: 5 Oct 1906.

The view from the Brislington side of the Conham Ferry - the small, open wooden boat captured here in mid stream - that connected Gloucestershire with Somerset across the River Avon. The photographer was at Beese's Tea Gardens - more recently known as Beese's Riverside Bar - which was opened in 1846 by Mrs Anne Beese.

Visit our notes for more information about this photographer and postcard publisher, and his work in Brislington.

Period: unknown

Exhibit contributed by Andrew Palmer

Text written by Ken Taylor (2022)

Photographer: Jesse Caleb Young (derived image by Andrew Palmer)

Acquisition number: 220828a3

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