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Arno's Court c.1913

Arno's Court c.1913
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This picture shows the exterior of buildings at the back of the convent and "Reformatory School for Girls, Arno's Court" (according to the 1911 Census). The large building disappearing to the left can still be seen from the A4 Bath Road (the left-hand part of it is closest to the road) in the grounds of what is now Arnos Manor Hotel. The land boundaries have changed since the photographer took this picture - they would have been standing in what is now part of the Here complex.

Eighteen young women are arranged in an recreation area, one of whom - seated on a swing - has a toddler sitting on her lap. There is a seesaw behind some other apparatus, and the woman on the far right holds one end of a skipping rope - the woman to her left stands in the middle - with the other end held by the woman in front of the trunk of the tree.

The photograph was taken by, and the postcard published by, Marshall, Keene & Co. The front carries the title "Arno's Court, Bristol." and the back bears the reference number "13 868". See our notes for more information about this postcard publisher, and their work in Brislington.

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Period: Modern

Exhibit contributed by Andrew Palmer

Text written by Ken Taylor (2022)

Photographer: Employee of, or commissioned freelancer for, Marshall, Keene & Co. (derived image by Andrew Palmer)

Acquisition number: 220830a1

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