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I absolutely adore Transformers: Prime. As soon as the teeny weeny itty bitty diddy Cyberverse figures appeared in the shops I bought the lot. And then I thought... why not pose them in action scenes? In fact, why not make mini-comics using them?!

So I picked up some kids' crayons and made a couple of quick and simple backdrops, and gave it a go...

I've never tried this before, and don't have the time to dedicate to making them perfect, but I enjoyed the process. I hope you enjoy the result!

Disclaimer! The Transformers phenomenon does not belong to me. Obviously. If it did I'd be sitting in a mansion somewhere expensive eating truffles and drinking Calvados. No. They belong to Hasbro. However, I do own the toys, the crayons, the backdrops and the ideas.

The Starscreams and the Energon

Comic 1 pt 1 - Autobots
Comic 1 pt 2

Comic 2 - Decepticons (guest starring ST-3V3)

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