Flight and Fancy

Valkyrie created an original character for my birthday. He immediately demanded his own story! And Valkyrie has also drawn his friend, Vicaa for me... So here are the pictures and the Prologue... I've subtitled it 'The Adventures of a Clueless Dragon and a Neurotic Unicorn', but don't let that put you off! It's raunchy. And it's funny...

Please note - as with most of my stories these have sex (non-graphic) and innuendo, and are really only for the over 15's.

Welcome to the second JAT mythic realm (the first is adult-rated and on the WaveWrights' site.)


Wish Fulfilment
a story by Lutra, based on and taking place in the Flight and Fancy continuum. An absolutely wonderful read!


Beauday and Doyaal
Inspired by the 70's series The Professionals, these are the stories of a pair of centaurs, partners in the Interstellar Law Enforcement Angency...

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