The Poppy Tales.

It's all Lutra's fault...
On Skype, August 23rd 2011:

Lutra - brb. Washing machine's been needy....
Joules - ... you have a needy washing machine? Have you been abusing it? is it a submissive 'bot? ... If I was prone to giggling I'd be doing it about now.
Lutra - Oh gods, I hope not. Really don't think I'd be good for something submissive... No, it 'errors' very easily. Bit precious [gamely not imagining you giggling].
Joules - [falls over spluttering] [regains a measure of control, then collapses again, trying to fight down the 'ping' that just hit....] Oh gods..... [wiping eyes] I think I might just try that. [making notes....]

This led to Appliances, a cracky little Transformers-inspired story, huge fun to write. Which led to Devices, Too, which leapt sideways to create the (adult-rated but not explicit, more bawdy in a Carry On vein) mini-series Poppy Dreams and the rather more adult-rated Things Poppy Never Knew. This was followed by Mechanism, Consular, Renewal, New World, and now New World 2. And no, I have no idea where this is going to end!

It's occurred to me that anyone reading this who is not overly familiar with the Bayverse might not realise that SASF Agent Graham is a canon character - you can read about him here. (And no, no-one cared enough to give him a first name...)

Overall Disclaimer. If you recognise the name/character from the films, they aren't mine. If you don't, they're my own creations, based on the Hasbro Transformers concept!


Devices, Too




New World

New World 2

Poppy Dreams

Things Poppy Never Knew

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Jan 2012: It's been a very long time since I've been inspired to draw - I'm a writer, not an artist, Jim - but I recently watched the Transformers' Thriller dance on Youtube... The page with the Yt link, and the drawing it inspired, is here...