The MMCI5 files

Bodie and Doyle alive and kicking in 2101? Well, why not! The stories here are very short and very silly - but may raise a chuckle... They certainly were fun to write!

The Beauday and Doyaal files (X-rated: slashy)

File 5: Tales of herring doo? There's something distinctly fishy about this...

File 4: Gives 'event horizon' a whole new meaning, doesn't it?
            This one was inspired by Sue Tier. Thanks Sue!

File 3: Artificial Intelligence? What's wrong with the real thing..?
            Written in response to the third challenge - a story containing a rope, a key, a computer, and a fight that lasts three days...

File 2: Diplomacy? What diplomacy?
             Written in response to the first (?) challenge - a Professionals story containing: no more than 5 characters (Bodie, Doyle and Cowley must be 3 of them); a car crash; a sunrise/sunset; and reference to any Professionals episode. So I warped the rules a little. Aw, what the hell - if I wanted to go by the book I wouldn't be here! 1

File 1: Xmas Presence.
             Could this be how it all started? A story for everyone who'd like a Professional in their Xmas stocking..... (Orders to the usual address.)

1. [Jan 7th: I'm dead chuffed! Carol has just awarded this story a Joules Health Warning: "Caution - reading this at work could seriously damage your longevity of employment". Probably best not to drive or operate heavy machinery while reading it, either...]

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