Back in January, 1999, at the end of the first ever Lexx Convention (Nottingham, UK) those of us who were there, gathered in the hotel bar and reflected on the experience. We'd had a wonderful time, and the chat meandered idly around the possibility of turning the wild weekend into a script for a Lexx episode! The idea grew and took shape. It was generally agreed that (due to the Nottingham connection) the Robin Hood legend should be incorporated, and that everyone present should have a rôle in the story. As the only professional writer there, I suppose it was inevitable that I would be 'volunteered' to write it....
       Well, in the meantime, Ken & I have finished a couple more books (and been approached with several intriguing and exciting ideas for various new projects. It's kind of nice to be head-hunted!), become more involved in a variety of other projects, including fiction (for both of us), music, and graphics (of which LexxFolk Too is a part), and watched a total eclipse of the sun (one of the most magical things I've ever experienced)...
       Add to that an irritatingly prolonged bout of ill-health on my part, and the story has taken rather longer to write than I'd originally intended. However, it is, finally, finished. I've preserved the original character ideas (most of which, I hasten to add, were proposed - or agreed - by the individuals themselves - they know who they are...) and worked into the story some of the feedback I received, but the text is mine. It's not a script, yet. I'm not sure I have the time, energy or inclination to turn it into a script. But as a story, it's OK. Ordinarily I dislike working with other people's creations (weaving stories around my own is much more fun!) but I have to confess I enjoyed writing it. I hope you like it too.

       With thanks to everyone at the Convention, but especially to Ken, for brainstorming the original scenario with me, for picking up on those all-important internal inconsistencies, and for writing two absolutely essential lines of Deepfriar's verse when my synapses just refused to fire. I love you, partner!!

Enough already. Here's the story!


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