It was just that kind of night. The sort that made a person want to hide under the covers and whimper for fear that Something was going to crawl through the window to chew the live flesh from their bones. Something might indeed have been planning to do so; but it would have found an empty room, covers mussed on the bed and the scent of a girl in the first bloom of womanhood strong in the air. Clothes were scattered about the floor, left to lie where they'd fallen in hurried disrobing, their owner nowhere to be seen. Outside, a blood orange moon hung sullen in the sky, drowning out the stars and turning the mist to murky gold.
      Cold black eyes surveyed the room, burning red in their depths. His prey wasn't here. That wasn't right... she was supposed to be in here, asleep. That was traditional... that was the way it worked. So .. where the hell was she? The sound of a toilet flushing answered that question, and sent the towering hulk of fur back into the shadows of the bloodred moon with a sigh.

Patience yawned and shivered. It was so cold .. unseasonally so, for early autumn. Totally naked and totally unconcerned, she went back to bed, completely unaware of the danger she passed in the shadows of her room. Shadows that burned with fire in their depths as the fur-laden giant glided into view. He leaned down, breathing in her scent with deep snuffling breaths.
      Whack! He jerked backwards, muzzle stinging from a sleepy blow.
      "Bugger OFF, jerk!" she muttered, subsiding into a sleepy complaint about stupid little brothers. Raising a taloned mitt, he rubbed the sting from his nose and bent again, letting his weight dip the mattress as he breathed her scent ... heaven. Soap, sweet young flesh and the faintest hint of vanilla... hmmnnn.. cookies. Yes, heaven.
      Patience swung again, waking a little more. She missed that time, and he grabbed her arm, pinning her to the bed with a low growl.
      " ..... Maurice, get OFF of me! I KNOW you like the way I smell, but you can wait until morning like everyone else!" Patience yelled, whacking the massive wolf over the ears with a pillow held in her free hand. "Damn werewolf..."

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