Rift Special pt 2

... I took 275 photos... My poor camera objected strenuously to them all being downloaded. Here are some selected highlights!

The fountain - or, as it seems to now be known, the Torchwood Tower. I think the strawberries are something to do with the Cardiff Festival...

The 'well' opposite the Torchwood Tower. Looks like it's being used as a wishing well: those little sparkles are coins. No idea where that tunnel goes - into the Hub, presumably...

This thing is the Celtic Ring. If you stand in the centre and speak, you can hear your voice echo back to you (and it seemed to me that the outside noise was muted...)

It's quite large, marks a point near (or at) the start of the Taff Trail, the historic walk around Cardiff.

We both love boat trips, and this Aquabus was just about to leave when we arrived, for a 45 minute trip around the bay, out to the swing bridges and lock gates and back. Very comfortable and highly recommended!

The barrage and the new apartment buildings, all very posh and a lovely location.

The marina.


This is about half way along the barrage, a rest and viewing place for visitors.

The barrage is very long.
We'd decided we'd walk to it and get the ferry home, but after lunch my sandal broke, which more or less put paid to much walking.

St David's Hotel.
"Built to look like a ship with a wave crashing over it" explained our guide on the land-train. I rather like the look of it, and I'm convinced Owen's apartment was supposed to be here.

This creature is known as The Tube.

Ironically, as we found out when we got home, it is the new visitor centre...

... ironically, because we were hunting for the visitor centre as shown on the old maps - and found Ianto's shrine by accident. Love the tie!

At that point we decided that the old centre must have been blown up with the Hub.

The land-train - very cute.

On the barrage - THIS is a Felice Varini work.
You can only see the concentric circles if you stand on the big painted X on the bridge. Which you aren't supposed to do, because it also marks where the swing bridge rises and is thus a rather dangerous place to stand.

Otherwise it looks a bit more like this.

Flat Holm (you can see the lighthouse) and Steep Holm. There are trips out to the islands, but they're a bit pricey. Maybe next time.

There's a wonderful bustling cosmopolitan feel to the bay - and I love the scultpures on the walls.

In these stones horizons sing.