London - Science and Natural History Museums 20.08.09

Not quite so many pics as for the Cardiff trip, and yet again I used the wrong camera setting in the Science Museum, so a lot of the photos are duds. Here are the best of what was left.

This is a 1937 one million volt particle accelerator...

Trains and planes and cars

The Power Ring. Shaped like a mini-CERN, there were two terminals on the mezzanine with questions - such as, 'do you think nuclear power is a good thing?' - on their screens: answers typed onto them then appeared in led on the inside of the ring. Very effective intereactive display!

This is sooo cute. I'd like one for Yule.

This is what the previous pic represents.

Beautiful architecture.




Blue whale. Biggest creature that has ever lived, it seems...


Cute narwhal.

Narwhal tusk.

Double narwhal tusk - very rare apparently.



More squids. The black one is s vampire squid!

'Ruin marble' - similar to Cotham marble, but looks like buildings instead of landscapes.

Moon rock.

© Joules Taylor August 2009