Blue Reef Aquarium, 20.08.10

Pics are all different sizes: please allow a few moments to load properly! (There were volitans, but they all moved too quickly for me to snap them.)

The inside section of the aquarium is designed to look like a shipwreck, while the outside has retained much of the structure of the old WildWalk. It works very well!

This was the first thing we saw. Kai called it 'the hand of god'!
(A member of staff cleaning something from the bottom of the display, we assume.)

Moon jelly. So tranquil. Be much nicer to count to get to sleep than sheep...

Two rather large conger eels.

Um, fish...

The Bay of Rays.

Feeding the Rays.

Walkways in the outside section

The blurb said a face only a mother could love. It's a wolf fish, I think.

Spider crabs


Sea slug!!

No idea what this is, but it made me think of an inverted pair of lungs...

Looking down into the 'coral reef' from above

So cute!

Pregnant seahorse? The aquarium does breed them.

Pretty nudibranches

Terrapins and big black fish. (Heh. What accurate terminology!)

Banggai cardinals - or as we call them, Vorlon starships. Although having now looked at pics of Vorlon ships, the cardinals look nothing like them, so where that came from I'm not sure. Perhaps I was thinking that there should be starships that look like this...


All photos © 2010 Joules Taylor