Weymouth, 27.08.10

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Weymouth and Portland, aerial view

Visitable places!

Both maps 'alf-inched from Multimap

Weymouth clock tower

Old-fashioned Punch and Judy

Bang Goes The Theory - unfortunately filming the day after we were there...

The marina.

On the top of an open-top bus, heading for Portland

Portland Harbour.

Chesil beach from near the top of the hill, on the way out

Quarrying at Portland Bill. The sky had cleared and the sun come out by the time we got here.

More quarrying at Portland Bill


Cliffs (the fenced off bit is MoD property)


Shoreline - cliffs and shelves.


Looking back towards Weymouth

Fascinating coast


I think these are apartments for the Olympics 2012. They can give me one afterwards!

Weymouth beach from the pier

Channel ferry

Sunset at Bath Spa

Sky over Bristol - looked like the city was on fire!

Evening rainbow (What does it mean??!)

Temple Meads sky

Chesil Beach from the top of the hill on the return journey. (I'm rather pleased with this one, given how fast and bumpy the bus was!)

All photos © 2010 Joules Taylor