M Shed and the Festival of Nature 19.06.11

Ship's cat (waiting for mum to get back...)


The M Shed Museum (basically the revamped old Industrial Museum)

Vandalism - sorry, kids' street art - welcomed!

Cranes (from ground level).

Cranes (from the viewing terrace, third floor).

Across the Floating Harbour: the Festival in Millennium Square.
(Very quiet as it was early - it was much busier later on.)

Looking downriver.

The stairs (a bit slippery...)

The Brislington exhibition

Looking down from the second floor.
That's a 'google maps' style of aerial photo of the whole of Bristol on the floor!

Ballons, to represent one of the things the city is famous for.

The Bristol Dragon in paint.

The Bristol dragon sculpture. I'd love one of these!
(Info about the Bristol dragon - actually our very own dinosaur, Thecodontosaurus, can be found here;
artists' renditions here.)

Ground floor - old bus

The Roman Mosaic from the Brislington villa.
(Used as the logo for Brislington Community Archaeology Project.)

Saxophonist on the bridge.

This thing turned to point to planets that would have been visible (well, Mercury anyway) and gave the distance!

The Hedgehog Rescue stall

The main bit of the Festival.

I love these water features...

Public sculpture in Briz - dead cute!

© Joules Taylor June 2011