Argent... what can I say about Argent? He was mad. Really. He used to fling himself into things absolutely fearlessly. An awesome character. (We think, actually, he may have been a feral cat, he never did really and truly properly fit in as a house cat...) Usually referred to as 'stoopid cat', he kept everyone on their toes - literally, because he never did quite get the hang of NOT running right across your feet as you were moving forwards. The number of times I jarred my back trying not to tread on him...
     Ryme mothered him, Raptor ingored him, Quyn was afraid of him - Argent used to hide behind the door and claw at the poor pooch's nose as he trotted through. Not an easy cat to understand, but he loved us, in his own way, and we loved him.
     He was a wonderful wee beast. At the end he would even come and sit on my lap - oh, not if he could see it, but if I was under the fur throw he could pretend it was another cat, and that was OK, no loss of face there...
     Seventeen years.
     We miss him.

Small cat in tissue box. He used to try and do this when he was fully grown, too...

Tiny! I think he left his mum too early, to be honest.

Argent the Art Deco cat.

A couple of years later. He stayed supple his whole life.

A kitten giving me kittens...
(Yes, that's looking straight up into the willow tree.)

Cats in sinks candidate...

Small cat thinking he's a Big Cat.


No idea what he was looking at. Possibly birds on TV.

A very handsome beast.

Argent - much loved, much missed.