The bathroom redecoration project spring 2010

Looking, in the 'before' pics, very tired and dated and grubby and a bit... brash. It was originally meant to look as though it was decorated in shades of amber and lapis lazuli...




Handbasin. But you probably knew that.

GoodTwin's sweetheart vine, which is soon to be repotted and properly trained up a much taller mosspole.

Inside of the door. The room is tiny, about six foot square. I couldn't get back far enough to take decent pics!

To be replaced by a jellyfish lightshade if I can manage to make it.

Bathroom cabinet. The dolphin lamp was a present from GoodTwin, the volitans tile from Lutra. We bought the carved whale ourselves.

Volitans hanging from ceiling and floating amongst the vine leaves.

From outside the door.