Our bedroom after redecoration

I've tended to go for simple, unfussy design in the past, so this was unusual for me. But I like it very much. It's... whimsical. I can see a lot of influences: the talan look that provided the initial inspiration, a touch of the mediæval, a hint of the plant-gathering Victorian... it's a warm, peaceful room with soft golden light, and the air is full of the scent of jasmine.

The photographs aren't wonderful, and the colours look too dark to me, but at least this gives you some idea of what I've been up to!

the new shelf with Power and Destiny keeping an eye on everything.

Check your weapons at the door! (My bow, quiver and windstaff, and Ken's short sword.)

Ken's bedside cabinet.

Water goblet and decanter...

The bedding still looks redder than it actually is! (I'm still searching for dark green and/or gold.)

The shelving unit with my orchids. Still room for a few more!

My bedside cabinet. The water feature will sit here - if it ever arrives...

Glare from the window I'm afraid. I don't know how to get rid of it...

I tried again without using the flash, but it's not much better. Though you can see how the organza sections hang in this one...

Lutra's found me a spray of black orchids to sit in front of the mirror! (The two things on the mirror are a dragonfly and a butterfly, incredibly pretty little things I found at Evolution - they stick on, but are on small springs so they move when you touch them.)

Ken's wardrobe.

My wardrobe

Crystal castle on the windowsill.

My velvet obsidian sphere on a triple unicorn stand. The jewelled bottle underneath holds honeysuckle fragrance oil.