Joules' Hair through the Ages...

Go on - have a laugh!

The Egyptian (um, I must have been about 15? 16?)

The Mop (This was around my 18th birthday - was about to be taken out to dinner by Nick...)

The Fuzz (nearly 19)

The Mess (20ish, after breaking my foot dancing barefoot at a Uni disco...)

The Vampire (Samhain fancy dress party.)

The Assymetric (21ish?)

The Purdey!

The Centurion (Manhattan. 26ish)

The Pseudo Hippy...

The Last Time I Visited A Hairdresser The morning of our wedding, 21st Dec 1989.

The Kabuki (a sort-of Benten style - CCO808. This must have been around 1993-4)

The Mum, 1996.

2000 and dangerous...

2012. Can't wait for it all to go silver!

Change is good - we need more of it...