The fairly major Hall/Stairwell/Landing redecoration project.

The 'before' photos were taken with Kai's little digicam, which can't handle indoor pics very well, so please excuse the quality. I've tweaked as best I can, but I didn't have much to work with! The 'during' and 'after' photos were taken with my digicam, so are better. I'm not going to label the photos - I think they're fairly self-explanatory.

A few extra 'during' photos. You can see why we HAD to replace the carpet, even if I hadn't got paint on it! 14 years of muddy pawprints - and 11 years of little boy - is a lot for any carpet to cope with...

The hall. The windowsill used to be crammed with a hefty cactus garden, a large sansevieria (mother-in-law's tongue), Anubis, an Isis fragrancer and a handful of crystals. It looks better now... I still need to make a curtain though.

hall windowsill.

And lastly, the A-frame wall box: -

A-frame wall box and objets d'art.