We had our alarm system installed after we were burgled in '92, but I still didn't feel completely safe and happy, and Ken and I discussed the possibility of getting a dog - not so much a guard dog, but a watch dog, who would bark and wake us if anyone tried to gain access. We put the idea on hold - a dog, after all, is a huge responsibility - until I went to Pet's Paradise to pick up some kit treats on the 28th June 1993...

It was our habit to go upstairs to the actual pet part (that's where Argent kitnapped me) and that day they'd just had in a litter of 7-8 week old puppies - border collies, I was told. One of them put his paws up on the wire netting and yipped at me, tail wagging, and I just had to give him a cuddle - whereupon he wriggled up under my hair and licked and nibbled at my ear.

... dognapped...

He was £45. I left a deposit to reserve him while I went home to pick up a cat carrier.

We have hundreds of photos, but these are a few favourites.

Persuading the pup out of the carrier and into his new home...

Just completely adorable.

'Border collie'? I don't think so....

He grew so quickly!

First winter.

That ridiculously cute head tilt was a very early trait...

... as was the trademark grin!

Cooling off in the stream at Nightingale Valley.

Noble in the garden!

Family. (Babbacombe summer '95)

I love this photo!


... and friend!

A dog and his boy!

Happy to see the folks.

16.12.2007. My dog...

Quyn - fourteen years of loyalty, laughter and unconditional love.
Much loved, deeply missed.