Where Ryme was a motherly sort of cat, Raptor was the explorer, the curious one, the trailblazer. The first of the kits to climb a tree, she loved being up high, keeping an eye on things from above (we didn't know that when we named her - her name originally actually made reference to her astonishingly long sharp claws, like a falcon's talons - but it proved particularly apt!) Unfortunately the majority of the early photos are blurred - she would never stay still long enough for me to take a decent picture - but here are a few favourites.

Practising her climbing on the clothes horse...

... and her balance on the top of the banister!

Yes, that is a Galia melon. She loved them.


Old perch, the indoor tree.

Getting down from the indoor tree!

Oooh, fish!

But why has the fish gone?

New perch, on top of the door cupboard.


I love this photo. I wish I could find the original to take a larger scan...

Raptor - much loved, deeply missed.