We acquired house and cats at pretty much the same time. We moved in Jan 1991: the three sisters - Ryme, Raptor and Roeg - were born March '91, and we brought them home seven weeks later.

From the start Ryme proved to be a motherly sort of cat. After Roeg was killed (December 91, rat-runner motorist before the road was made one-way at the far end) and we acquired Argent, she mothered him for a couple of years - until he became an obnoxious adolescent and decided he wanted to be the boss! In later years he mellowed somewhat...

Ryme mothering Argent.

Science Officer Ryme! (Summer 91).

And then she mothered Quyn.

Investigating the gurgle pond...

And then she mothered Kai... Soon after this, though, Quyn took over guard duty.

05? 06? I've posted so many pics of the beastlies I can't remember now...

Ryme on the left, Raptor on the right. Summer 06

It had been a hard day's relaxing...

Kai's bed. She still guarded him at night.
One of my favourite old pics...

"But why is the steak gone?"

30th Nov 06

Ryme - much loved, much missed.