Worlds Apart

Sheer silliness! I spend quite a lot of time chatting to Lutra on ICQ while I'm writing, discussing plot, subplots, characters etc for The Alliance Chronicles (A'lestrel and Lutra are characters in the story, which can be found in the password protected Zone at the WaveWrights site. There's a picture of the pair of them at Lutra's Pond), and at one point there was a flurry of repartee that I thought would make an amusing comic strip… The strip below isn't that particular scenario but a little introduction to the characters.

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Alestrel's desk
This is Alestrel's desk.
Alestrel's back
This is Alestrel at the desk.
This is Alestrel
Lutra's desk
This is Lutra's desk.
And this is Lutra.
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