Zev: "What sort of robot are you?"
790: "I'm a robot who wants to live in your underpants........"

Hmmmm. I hesitate to ask whether he means in her underwear drawer (assuming the Lexx has such a thing), the laundry basket (ditto), or while she's wearing them.....!

Rather than attempt an in-depth exploration of 790's character - such an inquiry would be as short as 790 himself and probably consist mostly of the words 'perverted', 'frustrated' and 'obscene' - I'd like to share some thoughts about his name. (There are probably more, but these are perhaps the most obvious..... well, to me, anyway!)

But first, a brief diversion. At least two of the robot-human hybrids we see have the same designation, 790. Does this mean that they consist of 790 components? Or that their 'class' on the Cluster is 790th from the bottom? Or that they were created in the 790th something (year, month, day)? Or that the creators of the series simply decided to be obscure?
       I can't imagine that the answer is important at all, but it's one more of those intriguing little details that make Lexx so fascinating.
       I suppose the robots are all pretty much indistinguishable one from the next, at least to a human (what they get up to amongst themselves is a moot point now that the Cluster has been destroyed, but I think we can assume they had some sort of private life. After all, we know that at least some of them were given reproductive organs - they must have done something with them!!).

However: - back to the main subject.


1. In Roman numerals, 790 is DCCXC. Stan would probably translate this into
Decease He - Ex He!!! (Please....?)

2. Derived via gematria (not, despite the way it sounds, Giggerota's mother, I'm afraid), 790 becomes
"ShIKNThI" which means'My Presence' (Echoes of 'His Shadow' perhaps?)

3. If derived from the Tarot, 790 is a little more complex......
7 = The Chariot (a journey into the unknown)
9 = The Hermit (the seeker after wisdom in solitary places
0 = The Fool (the innocent, the baby, the newly born.)

OR: if you add them together you end up with card 16 - the Tower Struck By Lightning (Vengeance from on high being delivered onto those who believed themselves invulnerable. Or alternatively, getting your head blown (or scythed) off....)

Spooky, huh?

790 is played by Jeffrey Hirschfield. In case you're interested, Jeffrey is the American version of the Middle English name Geoffrey, of Germanic origin, The precise etymology is unclear, but the name could mean 'territory' (zone), 'pledge' (prophecy?), or 'stranger' (alien).........

Even spookier.........

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