Well, I knew that after Brigadoom, anything was likely to be an anti-climax, if not a complete disappointment, so I wasn't really expecting anything remarkable from this episode. And I was pleasantly surprised - Brizon was interesting, well acted, directed and produced. Of course, it also had one of the best villains Lexx has ever devised, even better than that gloriously decadent couple, Feppo and Smoor...

Brizon is wonderful! So thoroughly evil, and so happy with it! One of the things I liked most about the first series was its smiling, laughing 'baddies': it was good to meet another. And what an intriguing person. Alternately honest and slightly melancholic (as though regretting the sort of character he is), and a devious lecher. Not to mention his amazing will to live, at any cost. (Mind you, living as a parasite on/off Xev would probably be to the taste of many males...) Even the name-calling between Mantrid and Brizon was absolutely in character, exemplifying the sheer pettiness of the competitive element of their human species.

So why my initial "Hmmm..."? I think it was because, while I enjoyed Brizon, I also found it curiously pointless. I appreciate it was supposed to offer the hope that things were going to work out OK, then snatch it away at the last moment, but - this being Lexx, after all - we know by now that there's bound to be some sort of twist to the plot. And knowing the title of the last episode, it's not too hard to draw the conclusion that Mantrid isn't going to be defeated....


What is this obsession with livers? Are the writers (albeit subconsciously) worried about their own organs?

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