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About Marty Simon

Marty Simon is an accomplished musician, songwriter, producer arranger and music director having over 25 years of experience in the music industry.
       The Montreal-born Simon began his musical journey at the Faculty of Music at McGill University. His musical career ranges from jamming with such musicians as Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix and session work with Mick Jagger and ENO to composing dozens of soundtrack scores for film and television. Simon's journey brought him to London, England where he was a founding member of Island Record's recording artists THE SHARKS in 1973. He then branched out to work at the opposite end of the music industry as a record producer for Atlantic Records, EMI and various Quebec record labels. Simon has also co-written hit records for such artists as Celine Dion, Wilson Pickett and Julien Clerc.

His versatility and experience in all facets of the music industry have made him a talented composer who has been recognized for his efforts. Simon has received two ANIK Awards for music arrangements on Follemont Votre, Diane Dufresne, L.P., and four FELIX awards (Quebec's Grammys) for music direction on "Best Live Show Of The Year."
The dozens of film and television soundtrack scores he has composed since 1987 include GEORGE'S ISLAND, which won best film in 1990 at the Chicago Festival Of Children's Films, and LIFE WITH BILLY, which won a Canadian GEMINI Award for Best TV Movie in 1994. He was also nominated in 1996 for a Canadian Gemini Award for Best Musical Score for a series for the All-American Production of SIRENS.

With energy and vitality matching his earliest accomplishments as a globe-trotting touring band member and arena rock musician with lively stops at the world's greatest recording facilities; Simon is settling into his new home and studio in Toronto where he is creating movie music magic with the soundtrack score to LEXX. This score was nominated for a GEMINI Award in 1998.


The first sound you hear in the first movie of LEXX features a very alive Kai singing the Brunnen G Fight song. Kai was leading a squadron of warriors who were defending their planet. This song was sung during all the great battles of the courageous and glorious Brunnen G.

       Vaiyo A-O
              (Fighters Fight the Fight)
       A Home Va Ya Ray
              (For their home and their heart)
       Vaiyo A-Rah
              (We fighters will win or die)
       Jerhume Brunnen G
              (Forever we are Brunnen G)

       Dialogue from the show:

       790 is actor Jeffery Hirshfield (Tracks 2, 25)
       Stanley Tweedle is actor Brian Downey (Tracks 4, 15, 25)
       Xev is actress Xenia Seeberg (Tracks 4, 19, 23)
       Zev is actress Eva Habermann (Track 25)
       Kai is actor Michael McManus (Tracks 15, 19)
       Lexx is the voice of Tom Gallant (Track 15)

              1. Opening Theme - Season 3 (1:04)
              2. 790 Quote (from "Brizon") (0:17)
              3. Prince To Lexx (from "Fire and Water") (2:21)
              4. All He Wants Is Sex (from "Stan's Trial" ) (2:38)
              5. Angel Song (from "Nook") (1:39)
              6. A Walk in the Desert (from "Battle") (4:16)
              7. Seduction (from "Love Grows") (0:57)
              8. Wild, Wild Lexx (3:43)
              9. Galley (from "Love Grows") (2:42)
              10. Opening Theme: Season 2-Version 1 (1:03)
              11. Holograms (from "Loveliner") (2:54)
              12. The Search (from "Girltown") (3:10)
              13. Xev's Dream (from "The Web/The Net") (4:14)
              14. Garden (6:36)
              15. Lexx Hungry (from "Fire and Water") (0:16)
              16. Into The Garden (from "Garden") (1:36)
              17. Lyekka / Potato Hoe (from "Lyekka") (4:58)
              18. Gondola Ride (from "May") (4:47)
              19. Mantrid Medley (from "Mantrid") (3:49)
              20. Prince Theme (Season Three Reprise) (2:01)
              21. Medieval Dance (from "Nook") (1:38)
              22. Girl Awakes/Norb Launch (from "791/Norb") (1:49)
              23. The Xev Show (from "Lafftrack") (0:34)
              24. Demented Chase (from "Lafftrack") (2:29)
              25. Yo-A-O/I'm Leaving (from "Terminal") (1:07)
              26. Zev Dies (from "Terminal") (2:22)
              27. Final Scene (1:42)
              28. Opening Theme Season 2 - Version 2 (1:25)

All compositions published by Marsfilm Music SOCAN and Salter Street Films SOCAN. All rights reserved.

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