Unfortunately, I managed to read the script for Luvliner before I really discovered what Lexx was all about, so in effect I 'spoiled' this episode for myself. So I'll concentrate on general musings, and keep this brief.

       Firstly, I have to say that Xev makes a great human-Cluster Lizard hybrid. I also have to say that I find her slightly disappointing.
       This is not really her fault. I think much of it is due to the contrast between Zev and Xev. Zev looked angelic, which made her violence, independence and strength of character both startling and somehow very sexy. Xev just looks oddly ordinary, little more than the latest in a long line of Amazons that include Red Sonja and Xena....

       And Kai was rather wasted here, wasn't he?

       The Luvliner itself - presumably as an homage - resembles the spice-filled tanks used by the navigators in Dune, while the scene with the holographic 'choices' for the Lexx crew had resonances, for me, of several Red Dwarf episodes (don't ask me which ones: I have a dreadful memory for names.....)

       But wasn't Stan a darling!? He's so kind and sensitive (well, eventually, anyway) in this episode I can't help but think Xev is mistaken in refusing his advances. Then again, even with her chosen muscle-bound prostitute spouting romance at her, all she's interested in is sex. (I assume that scene was supposed to be funny: I found myself wondering whether the man was either terrified of Xev, or a homosexual. Or if maybe this was simply his patter with all his clients. I suppose it is just within the realms of possibility that he actually meant it, but I for one couldn't believe a word he said....). Perhaps Stan's better off without her. Nevertheless it's great to see that the Captain of the Lexx has a softer, more sympathetic side. But then, I always thought there was more to him than a posturing coward.

       But, of course, the most memorable - and objectionable - part of the episode was the abuse of 790 and Xev.

       Rape is never funny, either in idea or deed. The rape of a helpless being (even one as obnoxious as 790) is horrifying. These scenes aren't gross; they're sickening rather than sick, have no amusement value, and serve no purpose except as a major turn-off.

       I would rate Luvliner, to quote Helen McCarthy, "the edge of the pits", only redeemed by Stan's sheer niceness.

       I just hope this is the worst it gets. I have better things to do than waste precious time on things like this.

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