Oh joy! Oh bliss! 790 is dead!!
              We'll hear no more bilge from the robot head!

              I just knew
              It was too good to be true.......

                     So that was Norb - the poor little guy.
                     The Beans create him, to have him die.
                            And for what, and why?

              To show us that Mantrid's an evil sod?
              (Which we already knew.)
              To introduce drones into the big arthropod?
              (To reproduce themselves by eating the Lexx? Turning organic goo into inorganic

                     And what is the point of it all?
                     To destroy all humans, large, medium and small.
              A noble aim, some might say.
              But will our noble heroes stay
              And fight for humanity's sake - or flee?
              (I hear the Dark Zone call.......)

                     790's not the only one who can spout a dreadful clerihew...

Cogitations and Meanderings

       Only the fact that Norb's mayday is couched in the same terms as Stan's was, all those years ago, makes Stan break his usual habit of not getting involved. For once, he takes action.

       If I was Stan, I'd be worried about Xev. A woman who prefers a corpse and a mechanical device to a living human? Something a bit odd there.......

       Well, Norb was OK. Even a bit scary in places. There was that little nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey ("Open the airlock, Lexx...."). But I can't say I found it particularly enthralling. And the characters still haven't developed. I can't help but feel there are a lot of opportunities being wasted here.....

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