I'm going to keep this short.
       Lexx Season 3 managed to do something I wasn't sure was actually possible any more - effortlessly forced me to suspend disbelief. I loved it, from start to finish - which isn't to say I didn't find the occasional flaw: after all, this is me talking. But oh - the wonder of it...
       Season 3 is intelligent. Intelligently devised, and demanding a degree of intelligence from the viewer in order to gain a deeper perspective. (I've said elsewhere in this domain (A&E) that I like being regarded as an intelligent being.) But more than that, Lexx Season 3 was gripping. I really, really cared about the crew and what they were experiencing this time round...

It's incredibly difficult to be objective about something that affects one so profoundly, especially on such a deep emotional level. I have heard mutterings that some people found it slow, incomprehensible, clichéd, or simply boring. I can't understand that. I found it intense, thought-provoking, stimulating, awe-inspiring... I found it stunning. Literally. Series three has assumed epic proportions in my mind. I already find myself drawn to watching it again. And again. And again. On a visual level it's subtly, superbly beautiful, on a characterisation level absolutely fascinating, on an allegorical level deeply satisfying. Overall, for once in my life I have nothing but unstinting admiration and heartfelt praise for everyone involved in the production of the series. My congratulations to you all.

Idly Wandering

There are, as ever, so many unanswered questions. We may or may not find the answers - I'm not sure I really want to any more. After all, how often are we told the full story in what is laughingly called 'real life'? I think I prefer a touch of mystery...

New September 7th: -
Forgot to mention.... Kai seems to have stayed awake for a long time this series, with no
cryosleep. I'd expect his protoblood to be running a little short after all he's gone through. But perhaps not. After all, we don't know exactly what effect his passage through the centre of Water has had on his body. Obviously it hasn't restored him to life, but might it have rendered refuelling with protoblood unecessary? Just a thought...

May claims that Prince destroyed everyone she knew and 'took my world away from me'. (ep 2) What world? (Not Water, obviously.) How? Are we talking some impingement on another continuum, like the Light Universe?

Is Prince in some way constrained to keep his deals, or is it his choice, part of his personal honour? How much autonomy does he actually possess?

Prince was the soul of his world? Has he become the soul of the little blue planet to which he has now fallen?

Darrow has suggested, in an email, that Prince might not only be able to reanimate in any form he chooses, but might also be able to be in (at least) two places at once - he was simultaneously talking to Kai in the depths of Fire while talking to Xev in the city. This would explain his being able to be both himself and Xev in Tunnels...

I found myself idly speculating on the circumstances surrounding Kai's speech in Hogtown. I wonder which planet, and which group of bureaucrats in which 'discipline'...

There's a curious parallel between the unchanging nature of Fire and Water and the play in Brigadoom.

As a final (final? no such thing!) thought - we condemn or redeem ourselves by our own actions, our own 'being'. And pleading ignorance, or frailty, or love, cuts no ice... And what happens after? Well, perhaps we'll find out from Season 4. Or perhaps not. Perhaps we just ought to work it out for ourselves.

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For a completely different (and often entirely opposite) take on Season 3, check out Beyond Heaven and Hell by Darrow. There's much here I disagree with, a lot that warrants further consideration, and some intriguing news, but that's only to be expected since I approached the subject from a completely different perspective (and with respect to the news angle, I've been out of the loop for far too long...) It's a great read: go and take a look.

On the other hand, of course, protoblood depletion could provide the writers with a convenient way of writing Kai out of Lexx should the problems with getting Season 4 off the ground continue... Back

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