The Key

"You have no idea of the consequences."

Well, as episodes go, this one was daft, self-indulgent and pretty pointless. It was also intriguing, teasing, and the most tremendous fun!

Initially I though Xev was the reincarnated May, especially after that "I'm good with pain". After all, May died in episode 4 and hasn't been seen since...
       Or has she? If I remember rightly, Xev wasn't out of Stan's sight from the time Prince was killed in the tunnels, so there was no opportunity to make the switch. But perhaps the Prince that was killed rescuing Stan was actually May, reincarnated in Prince's form. Which would explain a couple of things that have been nagging at me: why that Prince was so easily overcome by the doctor - OK, this would presuppose that May would only have a woman's ordinary strength, regardless of her outward form (it also makes the assumption that her fundamental form is female, and of no more than average earthly female strength, and at this stage we have no proof of that) - but it's a logical assumption. It may also go some way towards explaining this Prince's "I wanted you to love me, Stanley." which seemed at the time a slightly odd thing for him to say. Prince's focus is more on Xev than Stan, and a change that abrupt would require some rationale. Unless he was trying to confuse. Or meant it simply as a euphemism for wanting to have control over Stan... I don't really want to tie myself in knots here so I'll stop at this point!
       However, when the talk turned to deals, and the keeping thereof, it became obvious that Xev was Prince - and then things got interesting...
      We know that Stan can be surprisingly open-minded about sex - in Nook Stan would have been, if not perfectly happy, than at least willing to take Tregor as a partner, and of course, after his sex-change in Love Grows he experienced sex with Xev as a woman. So finding out he's just had the ultimate sexual thrill, with Prince, is hardly likely to faze him that much. Especially since the actual body was Xev's. But the whole idea was quirky and great fun.
       I wonder how Prince felt about it? It was difficult to tell from Xev's expression. But since s/he wasn't under any compulsion to carry through with the deal, we could assume the experience wasn't wholly unpleasant... Though of course there was a certain degree of mild torture involved, which was probably pleasing to him, at least mentally. And of course, Prince always keeps his deals - which on the face of it actually makes him an honourable man! A fascinating character. I almost wish he had been able to keep the key. Imagine Prince let loose in the Dark Zone!

Having Kai act so much out of character (professing lust for Xev, initiating a kiss) in order to determine her real identity was a good idea. After all, Prince wouldn't know it was out of character, while Xev would and would question it. And no doubt it raised the heart-rates - and hopes - of Kai fans everywhere. (It also shows that Kai is quite capable of acting a part if there's sufficient need.) But his association with Stan and Xev appears to have rubbed off on him to some extent - he's started questioning Stan's decisions instead of just accepting them with his usual "The dead have no opinions" or variant thereof.
       790 is marginally less irritating as a woman than as a man, I suppose... And I can't feel too harshly towards Stan, even if he does give up something rather precious for the sake of physical gratification. After all, his relationship with Xev has become one of trust and friendship, and Stan isn't the most perceptive of people: he wouldn't notice there was something odd about her behaviour - especially since it meant he was finally going to get what he's always wanted.

And the Lexx is going to crash in 191 hours. They're going to destroy one or both planets, aren't they? And I shall mourn. I like it here...

Wondering Allowed

Since Prince went to all this trouble to get the key in the first place, would he really have given it back? Probably, since it was part of the deal. But that would make the whole exercise futile. So am I missing something obvious here?

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