[Flare rushes forwards bearing jars of tahini (much tastier than shampoo....) to assist in the revival of Stan, shoving Xev - and viciously kicking 790 - out of the way... Mine! He's mine!!]

This episode had me in STITCHES!!

Forgetting for the duration the boring planet (now where have we seen that before...?) and the sheer idiocy and inconsistency of the premise (has this type of attack been going on since the Divine Order was destroyed? If so, why are the Governor and his unpleasant family still alive? Where did the wood come from - there sure as hell wasn't anywhere for it to grow on that island! Why don't they have any form of transport? Why didn't the Governor and his family just move up to the roof every night? etc etc etc....) - this was one of the more entertaining Lexx': slapstick, burlesque, parody, spoof - choose your favourite term. Certainly not my favourite form of sci-fi, but here painted with a broad brush and practically no subtlety at all, and therefore oddly charming in its brash and garish innocence.
(Now why did this episode remind me vaguely of Soap....?)
       Odd stuff, though.... The planet's radiation restored the His Shadows to a sort of semi-life, and Kai to something more (OK, a pretty useless 'something more', but it made an interesting change....)

And that absolutely priceless scene (shades of Red Dwarf - "I'm perfectly fine Susan": Kryten) where the luckless His Shadow was used as a battering ram by the other His Shadows...!!! [Howls of laughter are heard in Bristol....]
       And Kai with a flower in his hair spouting abominable (though slightly less so than 790's) poetry...
       And the joy of seeing such completely obnoxious people being eaten... And (at least in part) by Xev?? Perfect..
       Ohhhhh - I'm sorry: I can't take this seriously! It was such a gloriously daft episode. The first truly funny one of the series. Every time I try to think analytically about it, all I can see is Kai dancing with the His Shadow - and shoving him off the cliff...

Cogitations and Guffaws....

       Well, what can I say? The His Shadow herd (should that be a flock? Or perhaps a hive? How about a murdering? Ah! I have it!! A lobotomy of His Shadows!!) made a wonderfully gross zomboid-vampire enemy - definite shades of a frightening number of horror genre B-movies. His Shadows, so omnipotent and terrifying in life, are reduced to a shambling bunch of mindless - and brainless - ghouls. A bit like they were in life, actually, but without the intelligence to back it up.
       Was that a Kaboo flower Kai plucked and shoved in his hair??
       On a marginally serious note - did his "poetry" contain a clue to an as-yet-unknown part of his existence? It would be nice to think so.... Wheels, cycles, revolutions, times...
       Now c'mon guys, don't be coy. If you're going to address Lesbianism, at least have the balls to do it seriously! (After all, you did with the male equivalent, and Stan....)
       What a pity 792 couldn't have been swapped for 790 - or at least rescued so they could both have been on board... Could have been interesting...

       And a selenium deficiency does lead to lowered resistance to infection, male infertility (oh horrors! Poor Stan!!), increased risk of skin cancer and faster ageing, and - yes, it's true! - dandruff. And it's found in large amounts in liver (no wonder Giggerota was so healthy!), shellfish, brewers yeast and sesame seeds, mushrooms and garlic (sounds like the basis for a pretty tasty dinner, that...).
      .....It's no good.....Sorry.... still chortling... I can't

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