Book of Shadows


Ken Taylor

book front cover

18 pages paperback
Calligraphy throughout
211 x 148 x 2mm
February 1987
Carmina Publishing
ISBN 1869817133

Modern verse description of the ritual creation of a Wiccan broomstick - the weapon of choice for ceremonially cleansing a space in which the sacred might more readily be discovered or made manifest.

This slim volume was subtitled "Part the First" and was followed in the same year by a companion second part of a new Book of Shadows (a traditional name for a book which, even if it is openly published, still may contain material whose message and meaning is occult or hidden). Again, the text is entirely in verse, and runs to 18 pages of calligraphy throughout. This second installment describes the construction of an altar.

With a sanctified space (a magic circle) and a focal point (the altar), the stage is set for whatever rite the practitioner may wish to perform. However, circumstances prevented publication of subsequent volumes that would have explored a variety of specific rituals.

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