Brislington Ghosts and Mysteries


Ken Taylor

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72 pages paperback
B&W photographs
220 x 168mm
October 2005
Redcliffe Press

Traditional tales and modern mysteries

Whether you believe in ghosts, dismiss them, or are an open-minded sceptic, this book presents the facts as reported by people who experienced something so far beyond the ordinary - it warrants the term paranormal.

Dozens of stories are told of haunted places in Brislington (which traditionally includes the neighbourhoods of St Anne's and Arno's Vale, Bristol, UK), and there are also details of several UFO sightings and a range of other local incidents of paranormal phenomena.

Some people are surprised to find so many hauntings in a thriving modern city, but following publication many people have come forward with even more stories. Brislington was a village until a century ago, and still retains some of the atmosphere of a small Somerset community, which may explain why its ancient ghosts still seem to feel at home here.

Although some hauntings have taken place in homes whose privacy needs to be protected, many have occurred in public places, including some in the open air, so Brislington Ghosts & Mysteries can serve as a guidebook to this historic and perhaps highly haunted place.

Since publication, Ken has become Patron of Bristol Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation

Paranormal investigations into the hauntings at the Arnos Manor Hotel have escalated to the point where they have warranted a book devoted entirely to the site - Ghosts of Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol.

Hauntings include...

Arnos Manor Hotel
Arnos Vale Cemetery
The Black Castle
St Luke's Church
St Anne's Well
Langton Court Hotel
Brislington Hall
The Elms
The Beeches

Other topics include...

White Witches
Ley Lines
Holy/Healing Well
Prophetic Dreams
Roman Mystery Cult

I have compiled this sort of information before (for Dartmouth, Devon) and, twenty years on, remain wryly amused to note how much we know about the natural history of the neighbourhood - all the local species of butterflies, birds, trees, mosses etc - yet how little about our community's supernatural history.

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"Ken Taylor gives us a fascinating and well-researched insight into a hitherto unexplored area of Brislington's rich history - that of the supernatural. A great read for all enthusiasts of local history and the unknown."

Jonathan Rowe (Chairman:
Brislington Conservation and History Society)

"Rather than 'paying lip service' to the more spiritual explanation of the phenomena, Taylor successfully strikes a balance between science and spiritualism to ensure the engagement of readers of both persuasions... Brislington Ghosts and Mysteries is a refreshing and unique text of its time combining local history with cutting edge advances in paranormal research."

Nicky Sewell Paranormal Site Investigators

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