Celtic Messages

Boxed set includes a pack of 52 divination cards with explanatory book


Joules Taylor

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52 divination cards
64 pages paperback
Colour illustrations
155 x 135mm
September 2007
Cico Books

Celtic Messages draws on the rich symbolism and striking imagery of Celtic mythology, and present a carefully selected series of 52 key ideas - each handsomely illustrated by Emma Nelson. Ten ways of laying the cards (spreads) are described, each tailored to suit specific situations.

Each of the cards is fully described in the book, which includes divinatory meanings, and gives an insight into the importance of the symbols - both for the ancient Celts and for us today.

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Contents include...

The cards represent the four main aspects of Celtic culture - Places, Helpers, Tools and Totems. Each card not only contains an image but several keywords that can be used as affirmations.

Place cards symbolise where you are or where you ought to be. This can be a spiritual or emotional place as much as a physical location.

Examples include The Hillfort, The Ford, and The Sacred Grove.

Helper cards symbolise people and their personal qualities. Depending on your reason for looking to the cards, this can mean someone who can help you, or the sort of help you need to offer another.

Examples include Boudicca, Morrigan, and The Druid.

Tool cards symbolise forces outside yourself, actions you need to take, or tools physical, mental or spiritual you need to use, to accomplish your aims.

Examples include The Dagger, The Cauldron, and The Harp.

Totem cards are all animals sacred to the Celts. They symbolise the qualities you need to draw on from deep within yourself in order to resolve the problems facing you, achieve your goals, or take the next step in your journey through life.

Examples include The Hawk, the Salmon, and The Horse.

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