Crystal Power


Joules Taylor

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Boxed Set of
128 pages paperback
'Crystal' ball
September 2009
Connections Book Publishing

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The flag of America. American English Front cover of publication. Crystal Power
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There is something about holding a solid yet transparent sphere that fires our imagination and inspires a sense of wonder. It is simply fascinating.

The crystal ball positively invites us to explore it. We can discover its unique optical properties which may literally turn our world upside down. We may even spare a thought for why we find it so beautiful making it a true philosopher's stone. But we mostly wonder about the legends of visions that appear in its depths.

Some people believe a crystal ball can house a spirit with which we may learn to communicate it can certainly act as a mirror to our inner selves. Others claim the crystal itself is alive the scientific investigation of quantum physics suggests reality is remarkably strange, but such beliefs remain unsubstantiated, and are not pursued here.

This is a practical guide to understanding and using the crystal ball, and encompasses both the natural and the magical forms of divination. It describes how we may all tap into the clairvoyance we all have, by working with our deepest levels of being to help solve problems, identify opportunities, and guide us toward fulfilling our goals.

Beyond these natural abilities, some people suggest the crystal ball can show us truths we could not possibly learn by any means presently known to science such magical capabilities are, to say the least, controversial and it is left to the reader to decide for her- or himself whether or not they work.

Suffice to say, the crystal ball is a versatile tool, and this gift box contains both the tool and an instruction manual, the rest is up to you.

Please note that, as often happens, it was the publisher's marketing department that decided this book's title.

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