Crystal Power

For Harmony in Every Room


Ken & Joules Taylor

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144 pages paperback
Colour photographs
235 x 190mm
February 2006
Godsfield Press

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Also published as
Crystal Energy for Your Home
Sterling Publishing

This offers a practical approach to using crystals throughout the home. Just as interior designers recommend a bright and colourful living room, and darker shades for bedrooms, crystals can be colour-coded to match the mood of every room in the home.

By selecting crystals and other minerals that harmonise with the activities we wish to promote, we can all use these beautiful objects to energise our lives. Step by step and room by room, this book reveals how to get the most from the popular fascination with crystals.

This book draws on the traditional Chinese art of placement (Feng Shui), which assigns colours to rooms according to their functions. Because these rooms can also treated as representing aspects of our lives (e.g. the bedroom is linked with sex and romance), this approach enables us to consider wider applications of crystals beyond the home.

The nine chapters refer to the nine chambers of the Lo Shu, so this book broadly conforms with the Later Heaven variety of Feng Shui. However, the Early Heaven system is given prominence in the personal, sacred space that exists at the heart of every true home.

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Contents include...

Bathroom: The Framework of Your Life - Crystals for deep cleansing, stimulating the flow of life energy, and energising dreams and ambitions.

Bedroom: Friendship and Love - Crystals for harmony in love and relationships and for stimulating romance and passion.

Kitchen: Family and Traditions - Crystal placements for nourishing family celebrations and traditions.

The Home Office: Prosperity - Using crystals to create a money space to promote financial success and good luck.

Home Sanctuary: Harmony, Wellbeing and Health - Using crystals to create a "place of your own" for nurturing peace of mind and a rich spiritual life.

Façade and Hall: Networking and the Environment - Crystals to encourage meetings with helpful people, improve connections with your neighbours and environment.

Children's Rooms: Creativity and New Beginnings - Crystals to support restful and safe spaces for children and for energizing creative endeavours.

The Study: Education and Lifelong Learning - Crystals to get the brain in gear and help you acquire knowledge and new skills.

Living/Dining Room: Celebrity, Status and Honour - Crystal placements for enhancing your public image and reputation.

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