Dream Decoder


Joules Taylor

Interpreting more than 1,000 dream symbols

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384 pages hardcover
Colour illustrations
176 x 134mm
November 2006
Godsfield Press

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Excerpts from the text were incorporated into the Dream Diary, 2009.

Dreaming is something we all do - something we have to do to retain our mental and emotional health - yet despite centuries of study, dreams remain a mystery. We may know the mechanism of dreaming, the firing of synapses in the brain, but our dreams themselves are an intricate, intimate mix of memory, wishes, fears and desires, an evolving code we write within ourselves every time we fall asleep. They offer a deeply personal insight into our own minds, our own subconscious. Learning to decode our dreams provides an important key to understanding ourselves.

Unlike a dream dictionary, which simply lists the traditional meanings of symbols in our dreams, the Dream Decoder is designed to enable us to interpret those dreams - devise our own personal dream thesaurus, start to learn how our own minds work, and in doing so gain a broader and richer experience of life.

The Dream Decoder offers possible interpretations of dream symbols and situations, with exercises and questions throughout to enable you to determine the meanings of our own dreams.

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Chapters include...

The Natural World



The Human Condition



Buildings and Man-Made Structures

Ritual, Ceremony and Celebration

The Supernatural

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