He Tu to Luo Shu

A mathematical relationship between these two mysterious ancient maps.

In May 2006 I received a communication from author Paul Martyn-Smith announcing his discovery of a complex mathematical process that transforms the numbers of the Ho Tu into the format of the Lo Shu.

He Tu (Yellow River map) Luo Shu (River Luo map)

Having Paul's permission to disclose his previously unpublished method here, and having created a battery of diagrams to help make the mathematical steps clear, I have pleasure in presenting them in the hope that fellow researchers might be able to build upon his insights.

I cannot offer assistance in interpreting the remarkable transformation, but Paul has built a considerable corpus of numerological analysis on his discovery, and has written a book entitled The Sum of Things, detailing his ideas. Suffice to say for now that it involves key numbers connected with natural cycles, particularly astronomical: hence his identification of the Lo Shu as the Magic Square of Time.

Paul Martyn-Smith

Photo by Karen McGowan

Paul has been studying the Yi Jing or Book of Changes since he was a teenager some 45 years ago. The Wilhelm translation of the Chinese classic has been his constant companion from that time, in which he has explored a variety of spiritual avenues including the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and occult traditions. He told me his understanding of the Yi Jing's mysteries deepened dramatically during a two year sojourn in a Buddhist monastery. Following a move to the west coast of Eire, Paul has continued to reflect upon and develop his appreciation of the mathematical secrets of ancient oriental symbolism, and their relevance to physical psychology. Visit Paul's website.

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