The Ghosts of Dartmouth


Christine Donnelly

with a contribution and edited by Ken Taylor

Front cover of The Ghosts of Dartmouth.

Published by Dark Faery Books
Publication date 01 August 2019
Paperback 216x138mm
Illustrated (b&w)
104 pages

True tales of the paranormal from Dartmouth and its surrounding parishes, Devon

Local author and paranormal researcher Christine Donnelly has taken a fresh look at a wide range of phenomena in the area, thirteen years after the publication of Dartmouth Ghosts & Mysteries.

It is unusal for a town to be the subject of two books of ghost stories, many don't even have one. It may be that Dartmouth is exceptionally blessed with paranormal activity, or it may be that it's simply an attractive place that inspires people to explore it in great depth.

Christine has a lifetime's experience of the supernatural, is a member of ASSAP, and ran a local paranormal research group - Hidden Realms - for many years. She also produced a regular column on the paranormal for a local newspaper, and has completed the Foundations of Parapschology course (among others) under the tutelage of Dr Ciar´┐Żn O'Keeffe (Derby University).

If you have a true story of local ghostly phenomena that you'd like to share, or wish to purchase a copy, contact Dark Faery Books.

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Hauntings include...

Britannia Royal Naval College
Dartmouth Castle
Dartmouth Museum
The George Inn
Mount Boone
Nethway House
The Royal Castle Hotel
Slapton Sands
The Spinning Wheel Cafe
St Petrox's church
St Saviour's church
Start Bay Inn

Text © Ken Taylor 2019

Book illustrations courtesy of Dark Faery Books

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