The Wisdom of Unicorns


Joules Taylor

Illustrated by Danielle Noel

book front cover

Published by Pop Press (Penguin Random House)
Publication date Octoberber 2017
Hardback (150mm x 150mm x 19mm)
Illustrated in colour
128 pages

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The flag of United Kingdom. English Front cover of publication. The Wisdom of Unicorns
The flag of Spain. Spanish Front cover of publication. La Sabiduría Del Unicornio

Images of unicorns pop up all over the place, usually as a white horse with a single spiral horn growing out of the middle of its forehead. Despite its familiar appearance, it's a mythical, fabulous beast that is deeply mysterious; small wonder it has exercised a powerful hold over our imagination for millennia.

Unicorns inspire us to live better, know ourselves more completely, and aspire to the highest ideals. There are practical steps we can take to attune ourselves with our inner unicorn, and many people find they are like spirit guides, guardians and helpers. They are naturally protective, and their appearance in dreams should not be taken too lightly.

Unicorns are creatures of the heights, and just as when we climb a hill with a clear view and can see what's going on all around us, their point of view is even clearer and less cluttered - seeing profoundly into the present, past and future. The unicorn is untamed, they enjoy absolute, limitless freedom - and they wish to share it with us.

Unicorns can teach us how to love ourselves and others, in a pure and unselfish way, for what we are rather than what we can give or do. They teach us how to change ourselves for the better, to care more for others, to be kinder and more considerate, to make things better for everyone. Unicorns are the guardians of the natural world, and strive to inspire us to love and nurture our planet. This book is a crystallisation of their wisdom, and through positive affirmations, meditations, and practical exercises, shows how we may all come to know them better.

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Contents include...

Unicorns exist
Why we need unicorns
What is a unicorn
Qualities of a unicorn
How to spot your unicorn
How to talk to your unicorn
A magical connection
Where will your unicorn take you?

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