Brislington Community Museum

Postcard Publishers

More than fifty postcard publishers have contributed to the wealth of picture postcards of Brislington and St Anne's. The list below is a work in progress and focusses on local publishers. More details will be added when time for research allows (please get in touch if you can assist with any information).

The museum would like to collect (and share) information on every one of them. We always try to give credit where it's due, and sadly the photographer is almost never identified on the postcard itself, so any clues as to who they are would be particularly welcome. Perhaps we may look forward to the descendents of those involved helping to celebrate their achievements, and maybe even fill some gaps in our collection of postcards.

Local (Brislington & St Anne's) publishers

Coe, E
Comer, A E
Comer, J B
Elson, L T
Hollister, C D
Hollister, E C
Hollister, E T
Little & Barber
Parker, D G
Rea, J H
Red House, The
West, F J
West, N J
Winchester (photographer)

Bristol publishers

Barnett, R
Barton, Harvey & Son
Beaufort Series
Bristol Tram Photograph Collection, Peter Davey
Burgess & Co (Bee series)
Little, Fred (photographer)
Nicholas, A W
Ozograph series
Senior & Co
Shortman, A G (A G S & Co)
Smith, A E
St. Peter's Hospice Enterprises
Stevens, E C
Susan Taylor Design
Veale, H M
W H S & S B (Grosvenor series)
West Counties Agency (Westfield)
York Publishing Coy.
Young, J C (JCY, photographer)

Publishers elsewhere

Aerofilms Ltd
Baker, J & Son (J B & S C, Avonvale series)
Bailey, Fred E (photographer)
C S & Co, B.
Gage, Michael
Holiday Inn
Kent (photographer)
Locomotive Publishing Co Limited, The
Marshall, Keene & Co
Nostalgia Ink
Photographic Tourists Association, The
Surrey Flying Services (S F S)
Thompson, J (photographer)
Thorne, G
Lawrence, J C
Vaughan-Jenkins, W
Viner & Co

Other publishers