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Postcard project

Postcard project
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A full-page illustrated article in the Bristol Post of 10 July 2018 publicised the project to catalogue Brislington's picture postcards from the so-called Golden Age a century ago.

A century earlier, a series of drawings and paintings captured images of Brislington (now in the Braikenridge Collection). This coincidence of centenary and bi-centenary invites us to consider what can we do now, so people 100 years in the future, will not only look back and be glad of what we did, but will also be inspired in turn to consider those who will be living here a century later...

Read Village's star role in the golden age of the picture postcard. Page reproduced with kind permission of the Bristol Post.

Period: Modern

Find spot: Brislington village square, Sandy Park Road, Beese's Tea Gardens.

Exhibit contributed by Ken Taylor

Text written by Ken Taylor

Photographer: Article scanned by Ken Taylor. 1910 postcard of village square originally published by M I R B in or before 1912 and reproduced with kind permission of Bristol Central Reference Library (BPS 2486/L91.81). 2018 photograph of village square by Kai Taylor. S

Acquisition number: 180710a1

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