The Joint Stories!

(Well, OK, there are some non-joint stories here as well - but they all dovetail neatly into the same continuum!)

Joules FINALLY gets shot of her 'soft and fluffy' tag... Some hope. Apparently I look 'cute' cuddling a gun.

      Would you buy a used Uzi from this pair?
           Carol and Joules get in character...

The Carol and Sue Joint Stories:-
The Female of the Species
Enny Meeny Miny Mo

Carol's Longer Stories:-

Secrets - part of the Joules and Carol series; see below

Odds On
Fixing the Odds the sequel to Odds On
Outside Odds the sequel to Fixing the Odds
On a Knife's Edge

The Joules and Carol Joint Stories
[Joules writes Bodie (blue text) and Carol writes Doyle (green text)]
Desperate Measures
The first Joules Taylor/Carol Good collaboration

Last Tango in Eastbourne
The second Joules/Carol collaboration - direct sequel to Desperate Measures. This story is both X-rated and carries a health warning. Please do not read at work!

Cries in the Night For the story to make proper sense, you'll need to familiarise yourself with Carol's solo trilogy first: -
1st: Bystanders 2nd: Survivors 3rd: Victims

       And you may find some of the subject matter disturbing.

Cries in the Night

(There are two short sequels to Cries in the Night - Consolation by Joules and In Safe Hands by Carol (which story moved me to tears - it's a beautiful piece of writing...): they can be reached via the main story - specifically, the links to both are at the end of the story, just before you reach the notes. But they will only make sense if you read Cries in the Night first.)

Blind Obsession - the fourth Joules and Carol joint story.

Danger, Genii at Work...
29th March 00 - The Making of Desperate Measures. A bit of inspired lunacy!

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